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On this occasion, I will tell you about how to prepare one of the most well-known cocktails in the world: the Negroni. A classic cocktail from the 1920s that has endured to this day and, despite the passage of time, never goes out of style.


Its origins trace back to 1920s Florence, a time of elegance and sophistication. Legend has it that a gentleman named Count Camillo Negroni, a frequent patron of Caffè Casoni, was looking for a cocktail with a stronger kick than the Americano, his favorite drink at the time.

It was at this café that the Count asked the bartender to replace the soda water in his Americano with gin. Its balanced bitterness and depth of flavor have kept it on the pedestal of iconic cocktails for nearly a century.


Fill a crystal glass with ice, pour in 30 ml of gin. Add 30 ml of red vermouth, letting it slide over the ice to meet the gin in a liquid embrace. The glass was filled with colors as 30 ml of Campari’s red joined in, creating a palette of tones that promised a complex and balanced taste. Finally, it was time to crown this creation with an orange slice. I carefully cut the orange peel, releasing its essential oils over the liquid.


With a passion for mixology and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we have created three unique versions of the iconic Negroni, each with its own style and character that you can enjoy during Negroni Week:

For lovers of the classic with a different twist, my Negroni Clásico offers the perfect combination of Tanqueray London Dry, Campari, and Vermouth Rosso, with an orange wedge that adds a citrusy touch.

negroni week 1

Finally, my Pepegroni will captivate you with the combination of Mezcal Unión, Vermouth Rosso macerated with pepperoni, and Campari macerated with tomato sauce. Accompanied by an irresistible skewer of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.

negroni week 3

Enjoy my Negroni in this corner of my home: the best Italian restaurant, and a journey through time and space, accompanied by the majesty of a cocktail that will always evoke the essence of Italy in a glass.


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