nicoletta restaurante playa del carmen

nicoletta restaurant playa del carmen

Valet Parking - Nicoletta PLaya del Carmen

The use of valet parking is reserved exclusively for Grupo Anderson’s restaurants. When using this service, the “Valet Parking Tulum” staff will issue a ticket with the arrival time. When leaving the restaurant, the ticket will be signed and stamped with the corresponding departure time. Once the departure stamp has been placed, 10 minutes are given for the delivery of the vehicle. If parking exceeds 3 hours, an additional charge of $300 MXN per extra hour will be applied for the use of the valet service. The “Valet Parking Tulum” company assumes full responsibility for any theft, damage, loss or other incident involving the vehicle while it is in its custody.Grupo Anderson’s disclaims any responsibility in relation to the care or safety of the vehicle during the use of the valet parking service.
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From the moment the olives are harvested, they enter the oil mills to be classified depending on the degree of ripeness and their sanitary state. Afterward, they undergo a cleaning process to be able to release the oil at the moment of milling; this is one of the most vital phases since the liquid part has to be separated from the solid part. Once only the liquid part has been successfully filtered, the oil is stored in the mill so that it can be packaged and arrive in perfect condition at its destination.
  • Harvesting the olives
  • The olives enter the mills
  • In milling, the oil is released
  • Separation of the liquid part from the solid part.
  • Separation of the liquid phases
  • Classification and storage
  • Packaging



  • Balsamic Vinegar with Raspberry
  • Balsamic Vinegar with Napolitan Herbs
  • Balsamic Vinegar with Chocolate
  • Tuscan Seasoning Olive Oil
  • Black Truffle Olive Oil
  • Green Chili Olive Oil
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