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3 curiosities you didn’t know about Italian food


It is well known that Italian food is recognized worldwide for its seasoning, the freshness of its products and the unparalleled Mediterranean flavor. This is a reality lived every day in Nicoletta Modern Italian Kitchen, a proud member of Grupo Anderson’s, where every day a revolution of flavors is lived in its kitchen to leave high the legacy of Italian cuisine with our own modern touch.

That’s why we have 3 curiosities you didn’t know about Italian cuisine, contemplating the history and historical relevance of dishes that you can also find in our menu.

Cannellonis, an italian classic the best italian restaurant in Tulum

1) The invention of the cannelloni is due to the composer and opera singer Gioachino Rossini, who is said to be an excellent cook. Our homemade cannelloni are filled with Bolognese sauce, spinach bechamel sauce and served over tomato sauce and basil oil. The best part? They are topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, the freshest ingredients in the region.

Margherita Pizza, an italian classic in Nicoletta, the best italian restaurant in Mexico

2) The creation of the pizza is surrounded by mystery as to its origin. There are different beliefs as to where it was first made and it is difficult to say with certainty who invented such an ancient and delicious dish, but it is believed that pizza was first made by the baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples. Legend says that margherita pizza was created in 1889, when Raffael Esposito was ordered to create different pizzas to be tasted by Queen Margherita. The one chosen was the one that bore the colors of the Italian flag, red like the tomato, green like the basil and white like the mozzarella. This is how this pizza received the Queen’s name “Pizza Margherita”.

Nicoletta’s Margherita pizza is made from scratch, with a thin dough in the center and crispy on the edges, with mozzarella cheese from the region, fresh basil cut at the time and the best homemade tomato sauce.

Prosciutto Pizza, one of the favorite dishes in Nicoletta, the best italian restaurant in Mexico

3) Prosciutto is a traditional ingredient of Italian cuisine, and it is well known that you can find the best in the northern part of Italy. Sourced from the leg of pork, a good prosciutto can only be obtained from pigs that were previously fed with acorns, so that they take on a nutty flavor; it is then thinly sliced and served cured uncooked. It is said that a good prosciutto should be kept for 2 years in the open air so that the humidity gives it a more intense flavor.

Prosciutto can be found in the most common Italian dishes such as salads, where it can be used as a topping; also commonly used to start a snack with melon; and in pizzas, which is one of the most typical uses as it enhances the flavor with the right combination of ingredients.

Our Prosciutto pizza has an unmatched quality, which is combined with mozzarella cheese, arugula and a creamy tomato sauce that gives it the traditional touch of Italian cuisine.

If you are visiting the heart of the Riviera Maya, Tulum, make a reservation at Nicoletta and delight your palate with these dishes that will transport you to the most wonderful corners of Italy.

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