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Nicoletta’s chefs pour their heart into every creation, and the restaurant dedicates itself to creating magnificent experiences for its guests. For that reason, we are constantly innovating and trying to please even the most delicate palates.

In that spirit, we have introduced a number of delicious additions to our menu and we would like to present to you some of our favorite plates of pasta:

The Capellini Diavola took its name from the Italian word that translates to “devil”, and in this case, we use it to represent the spicy notes that you will taste in this fresh pasta. The crunchy texture of toasted pine nuts makes a perfect accompaniment with the shrimp that will leave you wanting more.

Capellini Diavola in Nicoletta Restaurant

The Green Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca is a luxurious take on the classic version of the same pasta. We add ingredients like lobster and accompany it with a creamy crustacean sauce. All of the kinds of pasta that make up our menu are handcrafted in our kitchen; for this particular dish we use spinach spaghetti, finished with Genovese basil leaves.

best pasta cancun tulum nicoletta

The Triangolini de Duxelle is a ravioli dish served in a triangular shape, filled with a seasonal mushroom duxelle and served over a creamy tartufata sauce and bathed in rosemary butter. It can be accompanied with a bit of grated Parmesan cheese at the table. This dish will undoubtedly be the favorite of mushroom and truffle lovers

best ravioli cancun tulum nicoletta

The Lobster Risotto is served with asparagus and garlic oil featuring Caribbean lobster as its star, complemented with a risotto in which parmesan cheese and asparagus puree play a supporting role. The dish is topped off with garlic chips that enhance the flavor of the lobster and are balanced with a creamy ricotta sauce.

best risotto cancun tulum nicoletta
Lobster Risotto at Nicoletta

 At Nicoletta, the process of creating dishes is extensive because we are not a traditional Italian restaurant and yet we respect all the basic elements of Italian cuisine. We create disruptive dishes in order to surprise our guests with a different, yet flavorful and harmonious, gastronomic proposal. We are constantly searching for something different to surprise all of our guests and make their experience at Nicoletta truly memorable.

Chef Jorge Boneta and Chef Alejandro Agudelo are the masterminds behind Nicoletta’s menu. Their vast experience and dedication to their craft are vital to the magic that occurs in our kitchen.

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