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At Nicoletta, Pride Month is a time to celebrate diversity, promote love, and honor the authenticity of every individual. That’s why we have created this year’s Pride Specials, our Beary Proud dessert and two refreshing cocktails in collaboration with Mezcal Ojo de Tigre and Puerto de Indias, available until June 30th at all our locations.

Immerse yourself in tenderness and flavor with our exquisite dessert, Beary Proud: a delicious dark chocolate bear-shaped dessert filled with marshmallow frosting, honey-pineapple jelly, and soft chocolate sponge cake on a Pride flag-colored frosting and M&M’s base. Discover the explosion of flavors that come together in a sweet and unique harmony.

postre especial nic
Beary Proud

Indulge in the charm and liveliness of our refreshing and exclusive mixology, created in collaboration with Mezcal Ojo de Tigre and Puerto de Indias, aiming to surprise you with its authentic taste.

Allow us to delight your senses with the Sugar Daddy cocktail, an ingenious blend of bold and balanced flavors featuring Mezcal Ojo de Tigre, Frangelico, and Lemongrass Infusion, accompanied by gummy bears, the perfect complement to further sweeten this unique experience.

drink special 2
Sugar Daddy

Let yourself be captivated by the authentic flavors of our Pink Señorita cocktail, a refreshing blend of Puerto de Indias Gin, strawberry puree, fresh watermelon juice, and lime juice with a hint of basil, accompanied by a watermelon and chili popsicle that will make your taste buds dance with pleasure.

drink special
Pink Señorita

At Nicoletta, we celebrate diversity and love in all its forms. Without a doubt, you can’t miss our Beary Proud dessert and Sugar Daddy and Pink Señorita cocktails, available until June 30th at all our locations.

Reserve now through our website and follow us on our social media channels.

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