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Come and Taste Our New Dishes at Nicoletta

Come and Taste Our New Dishes at Nicoletta
Come and Taste Our New Dishes at Nicoletta

We are delighted to present the new dishes we have created at Nicoletta, with award-winning chef Tomás Kalika. This exciting collaboration combines the Italian authenticity of Nicoletta with the culinary innovation of Kalika, famous for his acclaimed restaurant Mishiguene in Buenos Aires, recognized by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America as one of the best. 

The Inspiration Behind

For Tomás, tradition must live in his recipes, since one of the most important ingredients is to make each dish transport you to a memory, and Nicoletta is precisely that, rich in flavor, textures, but above all in creating unique experiences.

A Gastronomic Journey in Italy at Nicoletta

We invite you to explore the gastronomic diversity of each region of Italy, as each has its own unique culinary identity, and we seek to represent that diversity.

– Lombardy: With the Risotto Milanese e Gamberi, you can enjoy the classic saffron risotto combined with jumbo shrimp, a dish that captures the essence of Milan.

– Emilia-Romagna: The Traditional Lasagna, with its rich bolognese, béchamel and Parmesan cheese, is a tribute to the home-cooked meals of this region, known as the birthplace of many iconic Italian pastas.

– Tuscany: Ossobuco Milanese, slow-cooked and served over saffron risotto, brings the robust and comforting flavors of Tuscany right to your plate.

– Liguria: Cavatelli al Pesto, made with a fresh blend of walnut, olive oil and basil, reflect the fresh, herbaceous flavors of this coastal region.

Fresh and Authentic Flavors in Every Bite

At Nicoletta, we always seek to use the freshest and most seasonal ingredients to ensure that every bite is a flavorful experience. From vibrant salads like a Finocchio dish to the elements used in a Prosciutto Pizza, following culinary traditions.

Sweet Finishes

Finally, a dessert is also important as it offers a perfect sweet ending to a meal; like the Panna Cotta with fresh red fruit compote and the Tenerina Tart with a semi-liquid chocolate center, it is designed to offer a delicious and satisfying experience, full of love and flavor. Dedication is reflected in every detail of our desserts.

We invite you to pair Nicoletta’s new flavors with our selection of house wines, carefully chosen to complement each culinary creation, from wines such as Ojo del Amo, to a variety of white and rosé wines such as a Chardonnay Árbol Torcido and a Zinfandel Trato Hecho. 

Reserve your table today and let yourself be carried away by a unique and sophisticated culinary experience, full of authenticity and affection, we hope to see you soon at Nicoletta!

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